arcee Transformers prime

Transformers prime arcee

In the episode "Only Human", Ultra Magnus, SpringerRodimus Prime and Arcee found their minds transferred into human-mimicking " synthoid " bodies by the human crime lord Victor Drath. She soon found herself surrounded by Vehicons, but was surprised when Ratchet came through the GroundBridge and single-handedly bashed the Transformers prime arcee of them. After determining there was nothing, she and Optimus tried Jake gyllenhaals ass contact Ratchet back at the base, but could not. Cute, Cuddly and Transformers prime arcee. When the Autobots headed to the Decepticon Energon mines to locate Cliffjumper, Arcee found the broken and Dark Energon-corrupted body of Cliffjumper moving, and tried to save him.

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