gif pooping naked in diaper

pooping naked in diaper gif

July 26, at Our little angel had one of those, all down her legs and all up her back. SO, after finding him in this self-inflicted predicament, and managing to shove the crib away from pooping naked in diaper gif door and get into the pooping naked in diaper gif, extremely stinky room, Mom takes the grinning child, who was just happier than a pig in …. I have a 3 weeks old baby This blog make me laugh and cry at the same time XD Thank you for telling us the truth The worst poop is to come xD. My limited atomic physics education still prevents me from fully grasping how the poop ended up all the way down the legs, out the neck, and down the arms. I looked in the mirror and pulled my short bodycon down to cover my bottom which was a bit bulgy.

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