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The death in police custody of Abera Hey; the August killing of two men in Addis Ababa by Federal Police forces; and the December killings of five persons in a bar in Addis Ababa by a man in military uniform. Labor officials said that due to high unemployment and long delays in the hearing of labor cases, some workers were afraid to participate in strikes or other labor actions. The Prime Minister's office continued to deny Oromo girl naked access to the independent press for coverage of official events at the Prime Minister's office, limiting such coverage and access to government media representatives. The results of any police investigations into such reported abuses were rarely disclosed publicly. Amelework Buli, a female high-school student in Nekemte, Oromiya Region, died from a police beating she sustained at her high school, although the Government and police claimed she died from natural causes. Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by simple imprisonment Oromo girl naked in defined aggravated cases for not less than 3 months or more than Oromo girl naked years.

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