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She did so Lucy and natsu sex a certain memory popped up in her mind. And so Lucy changed into her pajamas and got into the bed with Natsu signalling that she had only five days left until the usual routine of yelling at the dragon slayer for sleeping in her bed. I'm going to bed after I change into Lucy and natsu sex pajamas" Lucy headed Lucy and natsu sex the privacy of her bathroom. You climaxed before me but I don't stop, you say "noo if you continue I'll cum even more, the pleasure is too much, and i think the neighbors can hear us! And wait how would you know about if Natsu had indecent dreams" Lucy questioned Levy had her troll face on"Woah Lucy, calm your tits girl and you and Natsu are sharing a bed at least some development would happen" Lucy held her chest protectively "My tits Bbw, free porn calm" "Someone say titties?

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