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Girl diaper punishment captions

Though, lately she had become more and more familiar with the ABDL community she had found on Tumblr some time ago. The numerous orgasms her boyfriend Girl diaper punishment captions her in her wet diaper showed their effects. When she complained about her diaper being too obvious under her clothes, he put an additional stuffer in her diaper the next time they went out. The result in her diaper was so massive that a piece of poop almost fell out of the pull-up when she stood up. Once they realized that their complaints and begging did not help them to get out of their diapers and getting rid of them by themselves would immediately lead to punishments delayed or cancelled changes, spankings, enemas, suppositories, …most young girls showed Girl diaper punishment captions signs of anger: As time went on, she started to consider her diapers from another point of view.

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