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Retrieved from " https: Shue tranferred to Harvard University in from she withdrew to pursue an acting career with one semester short of earning her degree. You can help the Crime Lab by investigating it further. Finlay joins the CSI team after the sensitive departure of Catherine Willows and the recent rampage of a serial killerafter she is called upon by D. It is revealed to the audience that Crenshaw is an employee of Jeffrey McKeen, and he states he has "eyes on the package" Elisabeth shue csi las vegas he plans to kidnap Finlay as part of a decapitation strategy that sees Ecklie gunned down while walking with Morgan and Russell's abducted granddaughter "Homecoming". Finn's hunt for the Gig Harbor killer continues in "The Twin Paradox", in which Elisabeth shue csi las vegas concludes that Briscoe likely knew about Winthrop's existence earlier than he claims.

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