alcohol ads Controversial

Controversial alcohol ads

The new laws required health warning labels on all cigarette packages and required that all cigarette companies file annual reports Controversial alcohol ads the FTC. Based on the needs expressed by these sponsors, the following purposes guided the investigation:. The ad is attempting to be humorous by employing an absurd image, a baby shaving itself. Because of Controversial alcohol ads currency of regulatory interest on issues relating to alcoholic beverage advertising, it would be useful if research were conducted that might shed light on specific issues even if some of the general questions were Controversial alcohol ads unanswered. However, when authors go beyond the stated limitations of their research the objectivity of the work has to be questioned. While it is not possible that a baby would be influenced by an advertisement, it is not inconceivable that a small child of five or six years of age might be encouraged by this advertisement to play with a razor:

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