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It would be unfair if an accused had inferences drawn against him where his or her spouse had refused to testify for the defence although requested to young pussy slim so. Criminal Justice Evidence Act,section 1 e. Any rule of law making Community spouse witness and states spouse or former spouse of an accused incompetent as such to testify in criminal proceedings against his or her spouse including former spouse should be abolished. In a later case a husband was held not competent to testify against a wife from whom he was judicially separated even as to matters occurring after the judicial separation. We considered an argument that Community spouse witness and states would Community spouse witness and states unnecessary because some of these offences may not be serious and it may be better for all those concerned, parent or child, that the offence should be overlooked than that it should be exposed in court and the offender punished, especially as the marriage might as a result be broken up. Spousal testimonial privilege covers observations, such as the color of the clothing the party-spouse was wearing on a certain day, as well as communications, such as the content of a telephone conversation with the party-spouse.

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