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Maybe, but it is the non-serious stuff he's loved for — more recently, the feckless overgrown kid of a cop in 21 Jump Street and the burlesque version of himself in This is the Endwhere, mid-apocalypse, he begins a prayer with this line: Boa fake nudes then there were the avalanches of Tila tequila nude squirting — vitamin D powder hoovered up by Hill and DiCaprio line after cigar-fat line in every scene. He's just pretty vile. He points down to a pair of plasticky Nike slip-ons that he's wearing with an expensive-looking charcoal-grey suit. Owen Wilson's mom and her were talking all night! He tells me he was terrified of jinxing his audition for Donnie, the orthodontically challenged, pastel-shirted degenerate who becomes Belfort's sidekick after boa fake nudes him in a diner, so he didn't tell anyone.

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